Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canadian women give up on equality, have lip-filler house parties instead

Lip-filler house parties? Yup, apparently that's a thing. After all, what Canadian gal wouldn't want to look like one of those vacuous plump-lipped Jenner airheads?

I wouldn't have dreamed, back in the heady days of the great feminist awakening in the sixties and seventies, that it would be conceivable to read such a story in 2017.


What progress?

This is pathetic!

And here's another story that underlines how far we haven't come, about the suicide of a Spanish trophy hunter who happens to be a woman. Here's a few quotes from a very brief story in the Toronto Sun:

- the title refers to her as a "hot hunter"

- in first paragraph she is a "sexy Spanish hunter"

- para four tells us of her "smouldering looks"

- in para six she's "a rifle-wielding beauty."

Practically every other paragraph (and in the Sun the paragraphs are really just sentences) contains a gratuitous reference to the hunter's appearance.

I wouldn't have thought I'd be seeing "journalism" like that in 2017 either.

Doubly pathetic.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Boat shopping

It's that time of the year when the pot-addled hill-billy goes boat shopping. After all, who doesn't want to get out on the water in these three or four weeks we call "summer" around here?

It's something I've always done. It's easier now, though, thanks to the magic of the world wide web. What, somebody's got a good deal on a Marine Trader 32 in Croatia? I'll be right over for a look!

Must say the whole boat thing doesn't do much for the domestic life. As soon as I start talking boats, the Farm Manager, out of the blue, will start talking about painting the house.

What the hell is that about?

Not that she has anything to worry about.

I recall sitting down for a nice meal at that Sauble Beach restaurant with the patio right across from the water. The place next door sold all sorts of beach jive, including inflatable boats. I was with my wife of the time and our children, who were at that really cute stage of toddlerdom.

While we're awaiting our dinner, the kids are having a great time throwing themselves at the inflatables on display next door. I go over, mainly to reel them in and wreck their fun, but I managed to buy an eight foot inflatable dory while I was over there.

On hearing this news, the mother of my children said, and I quote; "does this mean you'll stop buying those boating magazines?"

When you think about it, that was a) really funny, and b) rather cruel.

No wonder things didn't work out.

Anyway, that eight foot inflatable didn't cut it, and I'm still boat shopping twenty-five years later.

The boat market has changed. If you're the proud owner of 36 feet of fibreglass more than twenty years old, powered by a pair of gasoline guzzling V-8s, you've basically got a recycling problem on your hands.

There's a lot of stuff for sale where the owners are in denial about that fundamental fact.

If, on the other hand, you're selling some forty year old mini-trawler piece of shit, powered by a 80 hp Lehman diesel, you're golden!

That would be worth three times what you paid for it back in '68.

I don't have a "bucket list" per se, but if I did, two things would be on it,

Number one would be sailing the North Channel from here to the Soo.

The second would be the Trent-Severn from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario.

No sky-diving for me...

I see the odd realistically priced boat on offer that could make both of those trips happen.

But first, I really should do a little painting around here.

Maybe next year.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How Taylorism spawned rock and roll

I don't know if it's some kind of anniversary of something to do with Toscanini, or a re-release of an album, or a new bio, but for some reason Arturo T has got into everything I've been reading lately.

It's Arturo this and Arturo that and Arturo and his mistress and his wife and his sordid saga all over the place.

Check out that orchestra that the maestro is conducting. There's gotta be at least a hundred people in the NBC Symphony Orchestra all trying to hit the same note at the same time in Beethoven's 9th.

You can't just blow a note and then riff off on a ten minute solo and pretend you meant to do it.

This is a very inefficient method of delivering music to the consumer.

A hundred musicians and they all have to hit the same note at the same time?

Fast forward fifty years...

Rock and roll is here to stay!

Now you've got four guys on stage instead of 100.

That's efficiency!

Does anybody audit those Blogger page-view numbers?

As of right now, when I check page views for today, I've had more from Poland than I've had from Canada.


That's never happened before. Poland might show up half a dozen times a week. Canada is my second biggest audience after the USA. When I go to check all-time page views, Poland clocks in at 1313. That's number ten on the list - over six years!

That's compared to over 90,000 from the US, and 80,000 from Canada.

What gives?

I don't even follow news from Poland. I take it their big dog has ruffled some feathers with his move to consolidate more power in the President's office. The Soros crowd will not be pleased. And the fact that Oban or Orban from next door is giving what's his name in Poland the thumbs up must grate double.

What both of these leaders have in common is that they don't seem too keen to welcome the brown-skinned refugee hoards that American foreign policy has been flooding into Europe.

What I don't get is how it becomes a matter of Polish or Hungarian "racism" that they're not welcoming these refugees from US imperialist policies, but those US imperialist policies get a free pass?

Makes no sense to me.

Shouldn't it be up to the US to accommodate all those refugees their foreign policy is creating?

Friday, July 21, 2017

How to save Canada Post

Have you noticed that our hippy-dippy lovey-dovey PM Justin "Sunny Daze" Trudeau, who was elected on a promise of legalizing the weed 'o wisdom, has not yet, a year and a half into his mandate, done any such thing?

In fact, just the other day, I read that some of the provincial top-knobs were lobbying for an extension on the 2018 Canada Day deadline, so they could study the matter some more.

How pathetically Canadian, eh? We don't do much, but we are number one when it comes to studying the self-evident to death.

One of the issues troubling the Preems is who is gonna sell the stuff?

I pondered that for a moment and had a sudden brain wave...


This has all the makings of a two-fer. Remember a couple of years ago when their twat of a CEO claimed they were ending door-to-door delivery because, in his words, he was besieged by calls from seniors needing an excuse to get out for a little exercise?

Ya, we all knew that was bullshit, but I think here's a chance to breathe new life into the moribund Canada Post. Giving them distribution rights should of course be contingent on restoring door to door delivery clear across the land. Hell, with all that new revenue, they should even be able to see their way clear to giving the posties a decent raise!

And while we're at it, lets bring basic banking services to the post office too. That would cut out the despicable greedbags who profit from running those cheque-cashing joints that are geared to further immiserating poor folks.

By golly, I think we got us a three-fer!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A million ain't what it used to be

Back when I was coming up, a million dollars was a lot of money. If you were worth a million bucks you were considered "rich." In a town of 50,000, there might have been a few dozen millionaires and half a dozen or so folks with a net worth of ten million or more.

Those were the "super-rich" of the era.

Today a million bucks won't buy you a house in Toronto or Vancouver.

I'm contemplating these numbers because of something I read in my Globe and Mail today.

The story quotes a Conservative Party website as saying "Justin Trudeau has made Khadr one of the wealthiest men in Canada..."

As you know, Khadr's lawyers negotiated a ten million dollar settlement with the government for violating his Charter rights.

Lot's of folks are having shit hemorrages over this. Go to Twitter and search "Khadr settlement" and you'll be mightily impressed (or depressed) at the bile emanating from your fellow Canadians.

You'd think Khadr was personally responsible for writing the Charter of Rights and then finagled his way into Gitmo, just to trick the government of Canada into violating his rights so he could sue them big time.

But back to that hoary claim that a ten million dollar settlement has made him "one of the wealthiest men in Canada."

Not likely. In that town of 50,000 I came up in, which is now a small city of 130,000, there are today many dozens of folks with a net worth of ten million or more. Extrapolate that across the country and you've got tens of thousands of men with a net worth of ten million, and more than a few women too.

So when you claim that this settlement, which is entirely in line with previous settlements our government has made with other Canadians who have had their Charter rights violated, makes Khadr one of the richest men in the country, you're engaging in something that used to be called "yellow journalism."

I might expect to see that in Ezra's arch racist Rebel Media, but I'm surprised to find it, unchallenged, in Canada's putative newspaper of record.

And I'm profoundly disturbed that the Conservative Party would stoop to this level of hate-mongering.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blame the conniving incompetents of Canadian officialdom for making Omar Khadr newest member of Muslim Millionaires Club

Don't blame Khadr. He was a fifteen year old kid who thought he was fighting infidel invaders. Which he was, from a Muslim perspective.

When in 1913 fifteen year old kids from Halifax or Toronto lied about their age, joined the army, and went on to kill people, we celebrated them, and we celebrate them to this day.

One of the many pie-in-the-sky feel-good initiatives that various Canadian governments have championed over the past couple of decades has been the cause of "child soldiers." Obviously that was only intended to apply to the primitives on the Dark Continent, otherwise the opinion makers and the political do-gooders wouldn't have lost their zeal so quickly when a Canadian kid got caught on the wrong side of their good intentions.

Anyway, the financial settlement wasn't a reward for what he did or did not do as a 15 year old. It was compensation for our government's conniving in his illegal torture and detention in the years that followed, an ordeal that contravened both Canadian and international law.

As for those outraged over the settlement who compare the outcome of this case to the paltry compensation given our dead and maimed veterans, they're missing the point. They put on those CF uniforms to protect our values, foremost among which is the rule of law. This is what happens when our government tramples those values.

We should be grateful that our government can still be held accountable.

The fact that Khadr now joins the ranks of Arar, Almaki, El-Maati, and Nureddin in the Muslim Millionaires Club isn't Khadr's fault.

You'd hope the boffins in Ottawa are smart enough to detect a pattern here and make an effort to mend their ways.