Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama special election - political theatre at its finest

US-style democracy truly is the greatest show on earth! The Jones-Moore rumble had a little bit of everything... it was so perfect you'd almost think it was scripted by the same folks who gave you a steady parade of heroes and villains battling it out back in the heyday of the WWF.

In this corner, the bad guy, an old white former judge and reputed but never-prosecuted child molester, and in that corner, an old white guy who jailed some KKK types and ran on a platform of equality and inclusivity.

Ya, it's just two old white guys running for the senate, but this time it really really matters!

Even though the pervy judge was the early fave, you could see the tide turning. For the last few rounds he was on the ropes. His corner-men pulled out all the stops. Robo calls from Trumpenstein. A flames-o-hell speech from Satanic Steve...

It was a nail-biter to the very end, but the forces of righteousness prevailed!

Democracy is alive and well in America!

An old white dude finally made it into the Senate!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter again...

If there's anything good to be said about Winter this year, it's that we were more or less prepared for once.

The Mustang and the Ninja are safely out of the snow.

I meant to get the Ford 4000 tractor out of the snow too, but you can't get around to everything.

There was a couple of winters here at Falling Downs when the Ford was our go-to snow clearing technology.

You'll notice that there's not an app for that. No, to clear the snow out your drive still requires old-school technology.

But all this snow has got me cruising the Kijiji ads for used sleds.

I've had a few, but nothing for many years.

When you've got the Family Responsibility Office and various other government offices lying in wait to pick the fat off your paycheque every week there's not much chance of a sled in the garage. And by the way, they don't just pick away at the fat; they get right down to the gristle.

But that's behind me now.

So I've been contemplating a new sled. You can get a nice deal on a new  MXZ TNT. The TNT moniker always gets my attention. Way back in the first wave of sleddery the TNT Ski-Doos were the go-to hotrod for the snow.

Unless you got your hands on a Rupp Nitro... which I actually did for a brief moment way back when.

The new sleds are a fool's bargain though. Ten thou for something you might, if you're lucky, get six weeks use of in a calendar year? That's retarded.

Better to comb those Kijiji ads for something a little older that's got some life left in it. Like that 800 Arctic Cat I saw tonight. Clean and tight and almost like new. The guy wants $2200.

Think I'll offer him $1500 and we'll see where things go.

The magical disappearing Globe and Mail

It's disappeared from the Maritimes altogether.

That's not a good thing when you're the "national newspaper of record."

Here it's not disappeared yet, but by God it's getting vanishingly thin.

I now get, after a few days of hindsight, why the G & M brain trust decided to drop the "new look" on a Saturday; because the Saturday Globe is always a little thicker, and while the Saturday edition retained its usual heft, relatively speaking, it wasn't till Monday that we found out what the new look was gonna look like during the week.

It's looking a lot thinner is what it looks like.

Yup, your everyday Globe and Mail is down to two sections. The Business Section has been amalgamated with the Sports Section, and everything else has joined the front part. Indeed!

I picked up a two-section Globe at a variety store in Owen Sound today for $3.70. It was $3.60 last week, at three or four sections.

Ten cents more for less Globe and Mail?

And not only is the paper thinner, there's been a trend to filling it with more syndicated stuff from the likes of David Shribman and Sarah Kendzior. Whatever the merits of these American writers, I don't shell out top dollar for Canada's newspaper of record to read syndicated foreigners.

But I guess it's trying times in the biz.

Maybe they should try giving us more Canadian news and more Canadian writers.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to be a Big League op-ed writer

 First rule; don't get caught saying nice things about the Trump regime. And it is a regime. It's not a "government" anymore, it's a "regime."

I'm guessing in a couple of weeks we'll be talking about the "Trump Dictatorship."

Having said that, please remember to give Donny J a pat on the back if he happens to loose another round of Hellfire missiles at some random target peopled by (Muslim) evildoers.

That gave Fareed Zakaria the biggest boner of his life the last time it happened.

"Holy shit!... who knew this Trump clown could be so presidential?.."

Then, having avoided the toxic embrace of Trumpenstein, you MUST MUST MUST invoke a few hoary canards re: American Exceptionalism.

And you'll have to avoid sounding like Trump making America great again when you do that.

Make sure you bring up "rule of law" over and over.

"Rules-based world order" is a good one too, although we're getting into somewhat esoteric territory here...

Frankly, I'd be a lot happier if we could wrestle the narrative away from the Big Media types who want us to believe that everything was hunky-dory before Donny J barged in and upset the apple-cart.

Trump is a symptom.

Op-ed writers are paid to hide the disease.


Tards 'o terror take New York

Well, not quite, but this latest graduate from the Korody Nuttall Terrorist Academy did manage to give the talking heads at Fox and CNN and all the rest of them plenty to prattle about today.

(Editor's note: The Korody Nuttall Terrorist Academy is a top secret training facility for aspiring terrorists run by the RCMP in British Columbia. Among the mandatory entrance requirements are a history of mental illness and substance abuse, and an IQ score of <100 as tested by an accredited IQ testing facility. It is named after its original graduates, Amanda Korody and John Nuttall.)

The "experts" haven't yet come up with the low down on this Akayed Ullah chappie. Seems to have washed ashore from Bangladesh not too long ago. Couldn't make the grade as a cabbie, because the controls were different from the ox-carts he was used to driving in the old country.

Deprived of the opportunity to plow his cab through throngs of attendees at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, he came up with Plan B; he was gonna go out in a blast of glory with his very own home-made suicide vest!

Alas, Ullah is so stunned that the suicide vest he built didn't even kill him let alone anyone else. He joins the shoe-bomber and the undie-bomber in the Towel-heads 'o Terror Hall of Shame.

Think about that.

For over sixteen years you've been giving up your right to privacy so that those who serve and protect us can keep us safe from harm. It's why your dear mother takes off her shoes and bends over for a TSA bum rub when she flies in for the Christmas holiday. It's why you have to arrive two hours before departure instead of fifteen minutes. It's why the exceptional nation has hundreds of thousands living in the streets and a trillion dollar defence budget with which to torment Muslim lands.

It's all to keep you safe... and to keep the multitudes of security consultants and security contractors and security sub-contractors rolling in more wealth than they ever imagined, some of which wealth will recycle through various Political Action Committees, just to keep the ball of democracy rolling.

Think about that a bit more.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Al G O'rythm ain't no friend of mine

When the big dogs of the digital infrastructure began tweaking their algorithms to weed out "fake news," it didn't occur to me that this could impact the totally inconsequential operation here at Falling Downs. I mean, there's three or four thousand looks a month here... ya I know; I can't understand why it isn't three or four thousand a day either.

Anyway, I've been noticing some strange shit. I know what usually happens when I push "publish." Within a minute or two there's half a dozen or so looks. Always.

Then things will creep up gradually. 

Had a couple of posts with Trump in the title and they went nowhere at all for at least 24 hours, while they chalked up well over a hundred looks at Before It's News.

Then earlier today I posted something with the words "Arab Spring" and "Israel" in the title. That got not a look for a good 15 minutes while the algorithms were passing it back and forth like a hot potato.

Isn't it nice to know that there are algorithms hard at work while you sleep, making sure you're only reading stuff that will leave you feeling the right way?

Arab Spring sweeps into Israel

They're coming out in the tens of thousands, the ingrates are, to protest against the greatest leader since Moses. It is due to the ingrates that this leader stands accused of criminal acts which, if proven, would end his career.

After the many years of selfless service this man has given to the nation!

Yes, it's a shame. Going overboard on the Trump Jerusalem thing may have been a bit of a miscalculation too. There's a lot of folks in America who can't figure out if it's Bibi that's got his head up Trump's ass or the other way around. Either way, the mere association gives a lot of folks pause.

Change may be coming. Let's hope it will be change for the better.